For its hefty $ price tag, Aces & Eights is a solid deal. The book is very Unlike many other RPGs, Aces & Eights has no class system. A website celebrating Kenzer & Company’s Magnificent Wild West Roleplaying Game – Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier!. (note: this is a review of the original Aces & Eights RPG, not the new edition) Aces & Eights is a spectacular game. I have to admit I had serious.

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It should save some time looking up the rules in the book. But the game is not over-hyped. We’ve designed this Kickstarter to let all western fans belly up to the table and claim a stake in the action.


Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier – Wikipedia

A simple tool that does an awesome job. Views Wnd Edit View history. There are several dozen skills, covering just about anything outside of combat you could imaginably want to do in the wild west. Any action takes up a certain number of “counts” from the moment its declared until its actually finished. The Civil War lasted for ten years and both sides ground to a halt as resources and snd started to run low for all concerned.

The ever prolific Kevin Ennis has made a single consolidated wound table.

This is a wheel-shaped transparency you put over a silhouette of the figure you’re attacking one criticism I could make of the game is that not enough basic silhouettes are provided, so the only figure you can use right from the book is “cowboy standing straight facing you, or cowboy standing straight to your side”; if you want to fire at a dude crouching or something like that, you’d need to either make your own silhouette or get one from Kenzer separately.

There are also complete maps of two different towns, one a small sleepy town bordering on failure Black Horse and the other Lazarus a booming western town.


Aces & Eights: Reloaded RPG

Some printable old west miniatures. This makes us one of the longest-running active game companies in the world. Use these for shot determination with the various Shot Clocks and other uses in-game or for gambling of various types.

Some of these are rather better than others. The maps are copyright by Craig Zipse. So the game presents in its first chapters a “basic combat” rule-set. I could easily see a group spending a whole session to run a trial or go prospecting. Stuff that’s qnd for an historian to read I don’t know how anyone else would deal with itbut that really doesn’t add much to the table as far as the playing of the game is concerned.

Newer Post Older Post Home. There’s a TON of them, some which might be pretty unlikely to be used who the hell wnd play a wild west RPG for the chance to be a baker or a miller?! The skill system is a little unusual, and was confusing at first, because unlike just about every other RPG I’ve ever seen, the percentage number you get for your skills is your percentage chance of FAILING, not of success. Shattered Frontier has sold through multiple print runs and garnered the coveted, Origins Award for Best Role-playing Game of the Year.

Ships to Only United States. The ever prolific Kevin Ennis has made a single consolidated fumble table. Created by Kevin Ennis.

Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier

To my delight, though, there are even hex maps in this book of the “devil’s cauldron” region which is the default area setting of the game! Another excellent tool from Kevin J. The are a little bit different that those in the main Aces and Eights core book.

And combat is awesome, but there’s so much more awesomeness in this game than just gunfights. These are all you’d really need to run a fight; but if you want to really get the most out of the game you should look at the advanced combat rules, and cherry-pick what you want.


Yes, its alt-history, but its not nearly as annoying as others I’ve seen, because the authors have gone out of their way to make it plausible.

You get a physical copy of the revolutionary Shot Clock game aid and standard gunfighter silhouette. Again, theres nothing necessary about this section, you can use it if you think its going to be important to your game, but if you don’t want the added complexity, just leave it out. Share this project Done. Reward no longer available 1 backer. If you rolled less, you check to see where the shot would be on the clock, using a playing card to determine which exact point on the circle your shot ended up.

Detailed Cattle Drive Map. Your performance in combat is modified by how many gunfights you’ve been in before. So if drawing a gun takes 5 counts, and you declared you were drawing your gun on the 5th count, you’ll be drawing your gun until the 10th count. This option is offered specifically to Canadian backers as a means of passing along new more affordable shipping rates.

Navigation Welcome to my homestead pardner. Publishing quality RPGs is a challenging business, but we know how to finish books and see them to print — we’ve done it hundreds of times.

Shattered Frontier was released in June It doesn’t have classes, or levels, or experience points as such. There’s a section on horses and horse ranching, with lots of good rules and details on making your own horse unique. Chicago, IL Tabletop Games. Reward no longer available 10 backers. Professional goals are met by following profession paths.

Except here, it doesn’t bother me, in fact it works.