Dr Abel Damina state of origin is Akwa Ibom. The pastor is known as a founder of Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International since. The latest Tweets from Dr. Abel Damina (@abeldamina). Re- presenting JESUS CHRIST to my generation. Uyo, Nigeria. Pastor Abel Damina condemns. The Senior Pastor of Power City International in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State does this in an Instagram video.

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We sure are in the end times. God wants to visit you according to His goodness and not according to your character. He’s probably just another fraudster tying to rob people in the name of God just like his mentors Adeboye and Oyedepo. The poster did nothing wrong by stating his observation. absl

If you are guilty of this offence, it is better to ask God for Mercy. The world is living under the reality of the effects of sin, but man aabel little or no information about the evil called ‘sin’.

Who Is Pastor Abel Damina? – Religion – Nigeria

You are what you think. We will no more ‘enter His gate’. Until we fix the misrepresentation of God, We are not sure of the next generation. A word is enough for the wise! It is the Only solution. And watch that poverty tell you bye bye.

The explanation of all things. The scriptures through the eyes of Jesus. We have the measure of faith, we don’t have a faith problem. People that talk like this cannot go far in life and you better come open and ask for forgiveness from God and from the men of God you talked about. Tudor dwmina are mad can u talk 2 your father like dat hw dare u talk eamina men of of God dat way it is your father dat is a naughty person it show u were not trained frm home useless generation first class slowpoke.


Dr. Abel Damina – The Believer’s Heritage – Part 1

Read about Christ and the disciples of old, their messages centered on salvation and love for God and for your fellow human beings. Most nigerians are poor not because they don’t believe in prosperity but because there are no jobs. I see d passion with which people smear the name of God and I’m just convinced it’s not normal They are no criminals but legit salesmen with the right to hawk goods and services to those silly enough to buy what they are offering.

Damina on satellite Tv and i agree with what op said. Please anybody close to him should tell him to stop preaching money and preach more of salvation and love. I think that,nairalanders perhaps have d highest concentration of God-haters in any Nigerian internet forum. We love you all and need you to resist commiting this insane attrocitieslol the bolded.


Most believers think that sin is unconquerable, that man must always be enslaved by it. I’m sure that’s the “Christian” thing to do. Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Go read your bible and meditate on the fruits of the Spirit.


Calling men of God criminals? IF you keep on listening to a pastors that preach poverty, check yourself, your altar is very wicked! The man of God whom you have made negative utterance against is only a vessel used of God to reach men. Jesus Christ did not preach worldly prosperity but heavenly prosperity.

You May Also Like: Is he from Benin? I will like to tell you famina go back to the word, meditate it over and over again, abe back and listen to his teaching and if you still tell me that he is preaching money it means you don’t know the truth about the word of God. The mission of the Gospel is to bring a man to a destination called, salvation.

Anti-Christ is not a man. It is a teaching that opposes the existence of Christ. The way poverty will treat you, you will never like yourself. See How To Advertise.

God does not want your money, He only wants to bless you through what He has given you. I disagree with you on this,tudor. James Goll Reverend Minister.