Brainwriting is an easy alternative or a complement to face-to-face . In brainwriting , six people are given a form and asked to provide. Out of all the creative methods, the method is categorized under the ‘brain- writing techniques’. The speed in which ideas are generated using this method. But the brainwriting method is one way in which you and your team Cue the method of brainwriting, a technique dating back to the.

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Journal of Consumer Marketing. This can be useful on occasion, but you may also need to have creativity sessions that are more focused on solving a specific problem.

The “” method was developed in by Professor Bernd Rohbach and was put forward as a creative technique for finding ideas. This website also uses Disqus cookies. Businesses that get stuck in a rut doing the same old thing are unlikely to thrive into the future, which is why creativity tools like brainwrting are so valuable.

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The conclusion is a mass of ideas where then duplications must be removed, and evaluation and consensus voting on final results then happens.

Creativity – An Overview/6-3-5 Brainwriting

The Brainwriting Method Cue the method of brainwriting, a technique dating back to the s. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. When a large quantity of ideas is desired, this form of brainwriting is an attractive option to be sure. By the end of the session, there will be a long list of ideas already present on each of the worksheets, and those ideas can be used to spur new thoughts.

There are going to be six people tasked with developing ideas to solve a given problem, in addition to one person who is going to serve as the moderator.


Retrieved 20 October The outcome after 6 rounds, during which participants swap their worksheets passing them on to the team member sitting at their right, is ideas generated bdainwriting 30 minutes. Brainnwriting is credited to Bernd Rohrbach, who was a German marketing professional.

Secondly, it valorises the possible different backgrounds of participants since it encourages sharing and exchanging knowledge. With those ideas to reference, another round is started and all six people create three more ideas. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

When the clock starts, all six people are going to work on creating three ideas within the five-minute time frame. But if there are any time constraints or resource constraints, you may choose to include them here.

This approach tends to save time and prevent the exercise from becoming dominated by the participants with the loudest voices. Privacy Overview This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Depending on the difficulty of the question, the moderator will set a time limit by which the worksheets are to be completed for example, 3 to 5 minutes Step 3: Often, traditional group brainstorming sessions are dominated by one or two people, with everyone else winding up in the background.

After 6 rounds, ideas are generated in 30 minutes. The people you select to take part in this process should all have knowledge of the issue that you are facing, and they should all have experience in this area. Hence 6 participants, each 3 ideas, passing 5 times. The tighter you make this statement, of course, the more you limit the people coming up with the ideas. This process continues for six rounds, until each worksheet contains a total of 18 ideas. An alternative to Brainstorming”. Enable All Save Changes.


Disqus Cookies This website also uses Disqus cookies.

As you already know, brainstorming is one of the most-powerful creativity tools available today. Benno van Aerssen can not only lead your team in the method, but also has enough experience to know how this method can be optimally integrated into your innovation processes. Within a relatively short time, a maximum of ideas can be generated using the It could be a very concise brief.

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Brainwriting – Wikipedia

This is the worksheet consisting of a grid where the heading of the columns are Idea 1, Idea 2 and Idea 3 with rows of rows per person — if there are brainwirting people, there are 6 rows, if there are 5 people, there are 5 rows identifying who has contributed to the suggestion.

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By carefully and accurately defining this problem, you should be able to generate more-relevant ideas during the session. There is a risk of clash of similar ideas since there is no immediate group discussion which constitutes a loss of possible innovation.

Brain Writing 6-3-5 Template

It can be difficult to brainstorm in a group as many people will feel pressured and nervous when trying to present their ideas clearly to others. It is easier to cluster the ideas afterwards using sticky notes, but it requires more preparation in advance. Effectiveness Metrics and Design of Experiments”.

Another big benefit of brainwriting is the ability for contributors to build off the ideas of others.