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How much difference would that make if I just replaced all the 2N with the 2N? Oddly enough it doesn’t seem to affect anything and honestly I think the reverb is better now, but that function is never used. Jan Tue 05, 2: Makes it harder to find out why the 16′ dahasheet isn’t working as I was hoping it was a bad transistor. Just looked and I can bypass the reverb board far as the audio signal is concerned.

2N (Micro Electronics) – PNP SILICON TRANSITOR

Looks like perhaps I could use a 2N What I wonder is this. Books Support This Site: Can you scan that section to share? Watch out for the fact that those have different pinouts! Also if I still have some noise I will have to replace the 2N transistors in the solo and accomp mixing preamps 2m2925 the complex voice preamp. Mouser don’t know when they will get the MPS back in stock, but a NTE is a suitable sub and since this is just used to regulate the rod bias I feel comfortable in using that one.


Small Signal Transistors

Anything related to the above. Which section do you need to see?

Baldwin liked to use those 2Ns, mostly “green” but occasionally “orange” as well. Users browsing this forum: Jan Tue 05, 4: May Thu 26, 6: If I wanted to do away with the reverb board completely how could I derive the 28Vdc? I found a suitable sub for the 2N I’ll post the picture of the schematic in the main restoration topic viewtopic. Dec Mon 31, 3: Transistor substitutes 2N sub found.

This is a Conn model daatsheet. Could the 1 volt increase just be what the normal signal level was when the organ was new?

Page 3 of 3. Dstasheet a mistake for the transistor number.

Transistor substitutes 2N sub found Posted: PDF 2N data http: Still have a little noise that changes with the expression pedal setting which is after the post amp board so I will replace the three transistors on it for good measure. Given these transistors just amplify the audio signal I am 2j2925 any suitable sub will work ok. So datasheft looks like I may only need one transistor on the post amp board which is the 2N as the other two on that board form a turn on delay that mutes the audio while the rest of the organ comes up.


It is the 2NA and I happened to find some in my stash.

2N2925 Datasheet

In most cases it didn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference. What brand of organ is this?

I used to work dahasheet organs quite a bit, years ago. I will need to do a test to see if the gain is unity daatasheet very close to unity as the reverb board sends the signal through one transistor and takes t he signal from the emitter and applies it to the emitter of the last transistor on the board to allow the clean signal to pass through. May Mon 09, 4: The only issue I saw when testing the board at work was that there was a 1 volt increase in signal voltage out of the second 2N stage right after the input stage when I used the 2NA transistor.

Should be 2NA not 2NA The background noise is almost gone after replacing the 2N transistors on the reverb board. After a ,long while I decided to tackle the noise issue.

I can check it as the output of the reverb amp that drives the reverb tank has a measurement point where a DB reading is listed.

Transistor substitutes update Posted: Previous topic Next topic.